Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Water Damage - Glenwood Springs Kitchen

Water damage in this Glenwood Spring home’s kitchen was the result of a water feed line to the dishwashing machine bursting. The family was away when the ... READ MORE

Water Loss in Glenwood Springs

The broken drain line soaked the carpet and the walls with plenty of gray water from the adjacent utility room housing the washing machine and the HVAC unit. Gl... READ MORE

Drain Line Leak in Glenwood Springs

The disadvantage to hidden plumbing and drain pipes inside the walls is apparent in the Before Photo in a Glenwood Springs area home. The drain leaked from the ... READ MORE

Clean Water Loss--No Silt

When a pipe breaks in a Silt home, the one factor that is a positive is that the water is clean, not contaminated and dirty requiring partial demolition of the ... READ MORE

Water Damage - Silt Home

Water damage to this Silt home was caused by a roof leak. The damaged ceiling can be seen in the before photo. The drywall ceiling is saturated with water damag... READ MORE

Glenwood Springs Water Damaged Home

Attic leaks lead down through the insulation, soak the drywall panels and can create a safety hazard. When Glenwood Springs homeowners ignore the early warning ... READ MORE