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Snowmass CO Roof Storm Damage (types of damage)

6/29/2021 (Permalink)

Village houses with damaged roofs and uprooted trees We are here to help

Types of Roof Storm Damage

Storms can hit at any time of year here in Snowmass, CO. 

From the rain and wind of summer to heavy snow and ice in the winter, it can all have a devastating effect on both homes and commercial buildings.

For any property, there is no more vulnerable area than the roof.

You rely on your roof to provide protection but at the same time it is regularly exposed to the elements and can sustain a great deal of damage from storms.

It’s important to understand the potential toll that storms can take on your roof so that you can guard against that damage.

With that in mind, here’s a look at the four most common types of roof storm damage and what you should be looking for so that you can keep your roof in the best possible condition. 

  1. Water

Rain is the biggest threat from most storms and water damage can take a severe toll on your roof.

Not only can water accumulation lead to leaking, but even the smallest damage to roofing shingles can allow that water to seep through into your house.

Trapped moisture can affect ceilings and support structures and it can also provide a rich breeding ground for mold, leading to hazardous infestation that can affect your family’s health.

At the same time, heavy rain can also wear away the protective granules on the surface of shingles, making them less effective at deflecting the sun and cooling your home.

  1. Wind

While hurricanes and tornadoes can cause severe damage, even less powerful storms can still contain heavy winds that may damage shingles and bring tree branches down onto your roof.

An annual roof inspection can help to detect any damaged shingles so that you can replace them and trimming back any trees that overhang your roof can also prevent issues.

  1. Hail

Hail isn’t a common occurrence in every part of the country, but when it does occur it can batter your roof, damaging shingles and leading to potential leaks as well as wearing away those protective granules.

  1. Snow and Ice

Not surprisingly, one of the biggest threats here in Snowmass is roof damage from snow and ice.

Winter storms bring their own hazards, as snow buildup can become quite heavy, leading to cracks and leaks.

Ice can also build up under the flashing, causing a damming effect which traps water and can cause leaking. You can help to prevent these issues by sweeping heavy snow off your roof with a broom and keeping your gutters clean.

When storms take a toll on your roof, you need to call the name you can trust for a quick and thorough response.

SERVPRO are guaranteed storm specialists with the training and equipment to handle all types of damage.

We’re part of this community ourselves so we’ll also go the extra mile to treat your property as if it were our own.

Don’t settle for second best; trust your roof to the experts at SERVPRO.

Redstone CO Know Who To Call When Summer Storms Hit

6/26/2021 (Permalink)

Photo of Lightning Summer storms in Colorado can be beautiful and dangerous

Summer storms can bring a tremendous amount of damage, from flooding to broken trees and downed power lines.

That kind of damage can be devastating to any home but it is particularly costly when it strikes the historical properties that dot the landscape in picturesque Redstone.

This is a community based on history, starting its life as a mining village and continuing to flourish today.

Having served the communities of Garfield & Pitkin Counties for years, SERVPRO is well aware of the historical significance of Redstone and we’re prepared to provide the specialized service that’s necessary to address all kinds of storm damage here.

Whether it’s one of the many Craftsman designed Swiss-style cottage homes or the landmark Osgood Castle, SERVPRO is ready to respond quickly and thoroughly to help preserve the village’s past and secure its future.

The Storm Damage Specialists

At SERVPRO we’re storm damage specialists. We understand the challenges that storms can present and have the training and equipment to address the damage that they can leave behind.

We combine the national resources of the SERVPRO name with the personal touch that you’d expect from a local company since we live and work in this community ourselves.

The result is the best of both worlds, so that you can rest easy knowing your home is in the best possible hands. 

SERVPRO’s Guaranteed Restoration

SERVPRO is dedicated to providing the service you need as quickly as possible because we understand that treating damage quickly can make all the difference.

That’s why we have operators ready 24 hours a day to take your call. With your information in hand, we’ll have a technician at your home within four hours of that initial call to perform a walkthrough and thorough assessment of the damage.

Next we’ll develop a step-by-step plan to address all types of storm damage and ensure that your home is restored to its original condition.

Before we begin, we’ll go over that plan with you so that you know exactly what we’ll be doing at each step along the way. We’ll even be sure to perform a thorough inventory to make it easier for you to file an insurance claim and get the compensation you deserve.

From removing standing water to thoroughly drying all surfaces and performing a complete mold remediation, SERVPRO’s technicians are highly trained in every aspect of storm damage restoration.

Because we’re a local company that cares about our community...

We’ll also stick with every single job until we know that you’re satisfied.

It’s the same approach we’d want for our own homes, so we won’t accept anything less for our customers.

There is so much to love about Redstone and so much history to enjoy and SERVPRO is dedicated to serving this community with care.

When summer storms hit, a quick response can make all the difference.

So don’t take any chances with your home…go to SERVPRO, the company guaranteed to respond faster to any disaster and get you the help you need.

Aspen Co Facing Commercial Water Damage in Aspen

6/22/2021 (Permalink)

Painted water flow with bubbles in bowl Regardless of the situation we can help

Water is more powerful than most people realize and when water damage strikes your business it can have a devastating effect.

From ruined inventory to damaged support structures to potentially hazardous mold infestation, it can all have a serious impact on your bottom line and that’s why you need a name you can rely on for commercial water damage restoration.

In Aspen, businesses have been turning to the professionals of SERVPRO for their restoration needs for years and with good reason...  

We’re a part of this community too, so we understand the kind of toll water damage can take on businesses like the Tyrolean Lodge.

Whether it’s from storm damage, burst pipes or faulty equipment, a sudden buildup of water can bring your entire business to a standstill and the longer it remains that way, the more costly it can be. 

 Restoration Designed Specifically For Commercial Buildings

At SERVPRO we understand the specific challenges involved in addressing water damage in commercial buildings.

While water presents the same general threat to businesses that it does to homes, commercial buildings tend to be much bigger and more complex.

That means they require a particular approach that may involve more expertise and heavier duty equipment.

More importantly, when it comes to your business time is money so the quicker the damage can be addressed and the property restored, the better. 

Rely On The SERVPRO Approach

Your business is valuable so you can’t afford to take chances with it. When it comes to water damage restoration, SERVPRO maintains a carefully designed process that specifically addresses commercial properties.

That process begins with answering your call immediately, 24 hours a day and sending an experienced technician to your property within four hours to begin a full walkthrough and assessment of the damage.

Once we’ve determined the extent of the damage we will work up a thorough plan for addressing it and go over that plan with you so you’ll know exactly what we’ll be doing.

We’ll be sure to cover every part of your property and identify any items that may not be salvageable so that you can determine how to deal with them and have the information you need to file an insurance claim.

We’ll begin our work by boarding up windows and covering damaged roofs with tarps in order to prevent further damage.

Next, we’ll remove standing water and any other hazardous debris and then use our state-of-the-art equipment to thoroughly dry all surfaces, clean and deodorize and perform full mold remediation.

If necessary, we’ll also replace drywall, remove and replace carpeting and replace damaged flooring, whatever it takes to make you whole.

The Aspen business community is important to us because this is our home too.

We are located at 2425 S Grand Ave Suite 2, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601

That’s why we treat every property as if it’s our own.

If you’re facing severe water damage in your business, rely on the professionals of SERVPRO.

We are guaranteed to respond faster to any disaster so that you can get back to doing business again.

Water Damage in your Mountian Home

6/3/2021 (Permalink)

  •  Identifying the source

Sometimes the source of water is easy to find. However, sometimes the issue is a pipe in the wall or a slow leak under the sink. Some signs of water damage are standing water, discoloration, musty odors, and in some cases, mold. Knowing where the water is will assist you in where to shut off the water. Some homes have a water shut-off valve in the home, and most homes have a main shut-off valve commonly by the street. It is important that whatever the source of the water is repaired or replaced by a professional.

  • Minimizing the damage

While we cannot plan for when a water loss will happen, we can control what happens after. Water will take the path of least resistance. Shut off the source of water from its source or from the main to your home. Call your insurance company and a water restoration company such as us so that we can inspect the damage and come up with and execute a plan to dry your home. It is always better to have a restoration company come out as soon as possible to start the drying process.

  • Time Frame

Remember, minimizing the damage will not stop the damage. Materials such as wood and drywall will absorb damage. Additionally, avoiding secondary damages depends on the source of water and the time taken to remove said water from the affected materials. Given that we can get to your home and start work promptly, our goal is to minimize any damage and necessary demolition in your home.

Carpet Cleaning

5/26/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Techs using equipment Are Your Carpets SERVPRO Cleaned?

How DIRTY are your carpets and floors?  Where your children play with their toys and lie down to watch their favorite cartoon.  Even the highest quality carpet and upholstery can show soiling over time.  IICRC states that 70% of the soil in carpet is dry soil.  Vacuuming is a key component to proper care and maintenance of carpet.

Preventative maintenance actions include:

- Regular vacuuming

- Spot removal

- Pilating the carpet to prevent matting

- Moving furniture to change traffic patterns

- Using walk-off mats to limit the amount of soil tracked onto the carpet

A good rule of thumb would be to clean your carpets every 12 months professionally.

So, If you need your carpets clean, make sure you call SERVPRO of Garfield & Pitkin Counties at 970-618-1516.  When calling, be sure to have the estimated room sizes so they can calculate a price for you.

Water Damage Insurance Claim Tips (Garfield & Pitkin Counties)

4/16/2021 (Permalink)

image of mold with graphic saying quotes are free, water damage restoration Quotes are free

When water damage occurs, most people’s first thought is filing an insurance claim so that they can get compensation for their losses.

This is an important part of the process but it can easily become overwhelming in such stressful circumstances.

At SERVPRO, we understand the importance of filing a claim quickly and accurately and we’re prepared to do everything we can to help you through the process so that you can get your life back to normal again.

The Garfield and Pitkin County areas are a thriving community, with natural attractions that draw tourists and residents alike. That makes it a perfect location for businesses like Aspen Fur & Shearling  and so many others.

As part of the community ourselves, SERVPRO understands how devastating water damage can be and how important it is to get the necessary compensation from your insurance company.

We pride ourselves in treating every customer’s property as if it were our own and we’ll do everything we can to complete every aspect of the restoration process with care.

What Is and Isn’t Covered

There are many different types of water damage and not every insurance policy covers them all. That’s why it’s a good idea to be aware of exactly what your home or business policy covers so that you know where you stand when an emergency occurs. Common types of water damage that are covered in insurance policies include:

  • Water overflow from appliances
  • Sudden or accidental damage caused by a burst pipe
  • Water damage caused by severe weather, i.e. a tree falling on your roof or ice buildup.

Other types of damage are generally not covered by most standard policies, which means you won’t be able to receive compensation in these cases.  These types can include:

  • Damage caused by lack of regular maintenance, including leaky toilets and pipes
  • Sewer or septic backups or sump pump overflow.

Standard insurance policies will almost never include coverage for flood damage. That type of coverage requires a specific flood policy, which can be quite costly.

It’s always a good idea to discuss specifics of coverage with your insurance agent and investigate the cost of carrying a separate flood policy, particularly if you live in a flood prone area.

Tips for Filing Your Insurance Claim

There are several specific things to keep in mind when you are preparing to file an insurance claim for water damage:

  1. Take necessary safety precautions – before filing your claim, you’ll want to take some steps to ensure the safety of your family and belongings. Make sure everyone evacuates the premises and remove any valuables to prevent further damage. Also, as quickly as possible you should stop the immediate source of the water if you can do so safely. This will prevent further water accumulation and help to mitigate damage.
  2. Take photos/videos of the damage – your insurance company will require proof of the damage, so you’ll want to thoroughly document everything before the restoration process begins.
  3. Avoid throwing things away immediately – while your first instinct may be to get rid of damaged or destroyed items, if you get rid of those items before documenting them it may be impossible to get compensation. Wait until after you’ve received the go ahead from your insurance company before you begin throwing things out.
  4. Don’t move too quickly on repairs – you’ll also need to thoroughly document any damage, so again you shouldn’t move too fast to repair things. The better your documentation, the larger your compensation may be, which can help to mitigate the expense of repairing your property.
  5. Don’t necessarily rely on your insurance company for vendor recommendations – often, your insurance company will recommend companies to use for repairs/reconstruction, but their recommendations may not be in your best interest. They’re looking to save themselves money but you need to hire a company that you know you can trust, so be sure to do your homework.

SERVPRO Puts Your Needs First

At SERVPRO, our first priority is always the best interests of our customers. 

We’ll do everything it takes to help return your home or business to its previous condition so that you can get back to normal as quickly as possible. It’s the same kind of treatment we’d want for own property, so we think you shouldn’t settle for anything less.

As part of that restoration process, we’ll take every possible step to make you whole again, including helping you to file an insurance claim so that you can get the compensation you deserve. That means thoroughly documenting everything so that you have a complete inventory and record to provide to your insurance company…but that’s only the beginning of our approach.

We’ll also take steps to help mitigate further damage, including responding to your call 24 hours a day/7 days a week and boarding up windows or covering damaged roofs with tarps. Once we’ve done a complete walkthrough of your property and developed a plan for the restoration process, we’ll begin as quickly as possible.

Our water damage restoration includes quick removal of all standing water, thorough drying of all surfaces and making any necessary repairs.

This can include replacing drywall, removing damaged carpeting and carpet pads, repairing warped flooring and repairing roofs and structural supports that have been compromised by water damage.

The Restoration Company You Can Trust

The professionals at SERVPRO understand how stressful and emotional the aftermath of a water related emergency can be, so we make it our business to help you through the restoration process as much as possible.

We have the training and equipment to handle any size job and we’re part of the community, so you know you can trust us to treat you right. We live and work in the Garfield & Pitkin County area ourselves, so helping our neighbors means a lot to us too.

From immediately answering your initial call to assessing the damage and drawing up a comprehensive plan of action, we’ll put the SERVPRO touch on every part of the restoration process.

We’ll go over the plan for your property with you and give you a detailed explanation of exactly what we’re going to do. We’ll also do our best to determine what can be restored and what is damaged beyond salvaging so that you’re prepared to file an accurate insurance claim.

The Help You Need When You Need It Most

Water related emergencies can strike suddenly and without warning and when they do they can leave you feeling helpless and in over your head. There’s no need to feel that way when help is just a phone call away with the professionals of SERVPRO. We’re ready to respond faster to any disaster and we’ll do everything we can to help you file your insurance claim so that you can breathe easier.

It’s important to know who to count on when you’re faced with water damage and the headache of dealing with your insurance company. We understand that all too well, which is why we’re prepared to provide detailed proof of your damages and an accurate estimate of repair costs so that you can get a claim filed and start the process of receiving financial compensation as quickly as possible.

At SERVPRO we take pride in restoring your property to its previous condition and helping to keep our community healthy and thriving. So when you are most in need of help, don’t hesitate to call SERVPRO, the name you know you can count on for professional water damage restoration in the Garfield and surrounding areas.

We look forward to helping you any way we can.
Chafika and James Landers

How Do You Clean Up After A Storm In Aspen Colorado?

4/10/2021 (Permalink)

graphic - cleanup storm damage We are here for you

Storms can strike at any time without warning and winter storms in particular are a way of life in Aspen.

No matter when a storm hits it can cause a tremendous amount of damage

Obviously, as a homeowner your focus will be on returning your home to normal as quickly as possible after the storm. Unfortunately, some of the damage caused by storms may be more complex than you realized and restoring your home could take time.

It’s important to understand the kinds of damage that storms may cause and what you can do to clean up afterward so that you can keep your home safe and sound and avoid long term damage.

It can be stressful enough dealing with the aftermath of a storm…the last thing you want is to leave your home open to further issues.

What Kind of Damage Can Storms Cause?

Storms can bring a wide range of severe issues, from damaging winds to heavy snowfall to flooding, all of which have the potential to adversely affect your home. If your home already has issues, such as loose roof shingles, cracked foundations or other structural damage, it will be even more vulnerable to the kind of damage caused by storms.

In Aspen, winter activities are a cherished part of life but winter weather can bring its own unique challenges. Heavy snowfall can bring down branches and trees, damage roofs and contribute to flooding when it begins to melt.

Ice dams that build up in and around gutters can lead to leaks, which in turn can result in mold infestations. Once water penetrates your home, it can cause severe damage to interior structures and belongings.

There is no doubt that storms can be severe and as a homeowner it’s up to you to do everything you can to mitigate storm related damage in order to keep your home safe.

Know How To Address Storm Damage

Of course it’s not always possible to avoid winter storms or the damage they can inflict. So what can you do to clean up after the storms come? There may be some steps you can take yourself to begin the cleanup and restoration process.

Clearing snow away from walkways, foundations and roofs is important and may be easier to do immediately after a storm is over while the snow is still lightweight and easy to move.

The longer it sits the more moisture it will absorb, making it much heavier and more hazardous.

Smaller branches that have fallen or are in danger of coming down should be cleared before they can potentially damage your home, but don’t try to move anything that is too large or any trees or branches that may be impacting power lines.

In these cases, you should call your power company or a professional company that will be able to handle the job safely.

It’s important to remember that not all storm damage occurs outside your home. Snow and ice that builds up on your roof can lead to leaks inside your house.

Once water enters your home it can cause a host of issues from rotting out support beams and destroying insulation to providing an ideal environment for mold growth.

Ice buildup on pipes can lead to cracks, bursting and flooding. So it’s important to check inside your house as well for cracks, leaks or any other signs of potential issues.

Don’t Hesitate to Call The Professionals

By far the most important step in cleaning up after a storm in Aspen is knowing what kind of issues you can handle yourself and when it’s necessary to call in the professionals. As devastating as storm damage can be, if it is not handled properly it can be compounded and that may end up costing you even more in the long run.

Fortunately, there is an option for homeowners in Aspen and the surrounding area who want to ensure that their storm damage is properly addressed.

The professionals at SERVPRO are trained and equipped to handle any type of storm cleanup, from clearing snow and ice to removing standing water and repairing damaged floors, ceilings and belongings.

We are also prepared to thoroughly clean air ducts and HVAC systems and help prevent the spread of mold.

Our technicians are on call 24 hours/7 days a week and ready to respond immediately to any emergency. We’ll thoroughly inspect your property and assess any damage that may have occurred, then make a recommendation for how to properly address the damage to prevent it from becoming any worse.

We have specialized equipment designed to remove all water from your home and we’ll begin the removal process right away in order to prevent the spread of mold. We’ll also specifically address air ducts and vents, where mold growth can be particularly hazardous as it can easily spread throughout your entire house.

Once the water is removed, we’ll use air movers and dehumidifiers to thoroughly dry out your home and we’ll also work to clean and restore furniture and other belongings that are salvageable.

Our industrial air scrubbers can help to remove odors and antimicrobial cleaners can disinfect every surface to make sure everything is safe and healthy

Finally, we’ll take steps to help restore your home to its previous condition including replacing damaged drywall or flooring or even rebuilding a room entirely if it can’t be salvaged otherwise. And we’ll help you to document everything and file your insurance claims to ensure that you’re getting all of the compensation you’re entitled to.

Bottom Line

Storms can strike at any time and in Aspen, winter storms are particularly common, so as a responsible homeowner you need to be prepared to deal with the damage they can bring. Acting quickly and knowing what steps to take to clean up after a storm can go a long way toward keeping your home safe.

By calling in the professionals of SERVPRO, you can rest easy knowing that your home is in the best hands possible.  We’ve got the training and equipment to handle even the worst storm related damage.

More importantly, we’re part of the Aspen community ourselves so we understand the challenges that the weather here can bring and we know how important it is to protect our homes and businesses.

That’s why we take pride in our promise to respond faster to any disaster and ensure that we have all of the resources to handle your storm cleanup. We have state-of-the-art equipment and certified training so you know you’re getting the best professional help.

Cleaning up after a storm can be challenging, but at SERVPRO we believe it’s not a challenge you should ever have to face alone. 

Authored by: Chafika and James Landers


  • AMRT -Applied Microbial Remediation Technician
  • ASD  -Applied Structural Drying Technician
  • CCT -Carpet Cleaning Technician
  • ECTP -Employee Certification Training Program
  • FSRT -Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Technician
  • HST -Health and safety Technician
  • OCT -Odor Control Technician
  • RRRP -Lead-Based Paint Activities and Renovation
  • WRT-Water Damage Restoration Technician
  • IICRC -Certified Firm
  • Affiliations

  • ASBO
  • EPA Lead-Safe Certified Firm
  • Institute of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration Certification
  • Awards

  • Emergency Ready Plan Preparedness
  • Bringing SERVPRO’s Tradition of Community to Aspen

    3/30/2021 (Permalink)

    graphic of words related to natural disasters Regardless of the disaster... we are here to help.

    Since its founding in 1967, SERVPRO has had a long and proud tradition of community service and outreach that has spread across the country through its more than 1,700 franchises.

    As a family owned business, we understand the importance of supporting one another and we make it our business to provide both quality service and a personal touch.

    This has been seen in the efforts of our SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Team, which has mobilized after large scale disasters including Hurricane Sandy in 2012, Hurricane Harvey in 2017 and the California Wildfires in 2018.

    In these intensive responses, we have provided emergency cleanup and restoration services as well as emotional support for devastated residents and businesses alike

    On a smaller scale, we realize that water or fire damage can occur at any time and we do everything we can to help our neighbors prepare for emergencies.  This was never more evident than in August 2019, when SERVPRO stepped up as part of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) “National Preparedness Month” to help local business improve their safety standards.

    Here in the Aspen, CO area, that community involvement is stronger than ever.

    SERVPRO of Garfield & Pitkin Counties has been proactive in promoting fire safety in an area prone to wildfires. Not only have we performed fire safety outreach in conjunction with the Red Cross but we strive to maintain a visible community presence by participating in events like the Parade of Lights in Grand Junction in 2016.

    SERVPRO is proud of its tradition of quality and care, which we maintain in all of the communities that our franchises serve.

    Whenever you need restoration and cleanup services you can trust, count on SERVPRO to respond faster and help you get back on your feet again.

    Authored by: Chafika and James Landers


  • AMRT -Applied Microbial Remediation Technician
  • ASD  -Applied Structural Drying Technician
  • CCT -Carpet Cleaning Technician
  • ECTP -Employee Certification Training Program
  • FSRT -Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Technician
  • HST -Health and safety Technician
  • OCT -Odor Control Technician
  • RRRP -Lead-Based Paint Activities and Renovation
  • WRT-Water Damage Restoration Technician
  • IICRC -Certified Firm
  • Affiliations

  • ASBO
  • EPA Lead-Safe Certified Firm
  • Institute of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration Certification
  • Awards

  • Emergency Ready Plan Preparedness
  • Flood and Water Damage Repair and Restoration Services in Aspen, CO

    3/26/2021 (Permalink)

    graphic of SEVPRO of Garfield Pitkin Counties water damage restoration Water Damage Restoration 24 X 7 X 365

    Water damage can happen without warning and when it does it can have a devastating effect on your home or business.

    Whether it’s from a burst pipe or broken appliance or the after effects of a storm, an accumulation of water needs to be addressed quickly and thoroughly in order to mitigate the damage.

    In order to handle your water emergency, you’ll want to find the best Aspen water damage restoration company to provide the help you need. 

    For water damage restoration you can trust, that company is SERVPRO.

    Aspen is known as a winter wonderland, with skiing, skating, hiking and any number of outdoor activities as well as a thriving downtown chock full of charming boutiques and top notch restaurants like the Cloud Nine Alpine Bistro.

    There are many qualities that attract both tourists and residents alike but unfortunately, the homes and businesses of this area are not immune to the occasional water related problem.

    As part of the Aspen community ourselves, SERVPRO understands how frustrating and costly water damage can be and how important it is to restore your property quickly and thoroughly.

    That’s why we go out of our way to provide the help you need when you find yourself facing unforeseen water damage.

    The Many Effects of Water

    When most people think of water damage they picture a room or building being flooded.

    Obviously excessive amounts of standing water are extremely detrimental to your belongings and to the structure of the building itself, but there is actually much more to water damage than that.

    There are two basic ways that water can damage materials. One is through direct contact with surfaces and materials and the other is through absorption of moisture from the air.

    When a pipe bursts, a dishwasher overflows or a storm causes flooding, most people are so focused on removing the immediate danger of standing water that they tend to overlook the secondary threat of humidity in the air.

    The professionals at SERVPRO (directions to our office in the Aspen area) understand the importance of addressing both types of water damage, which is why our training includes psychrometrics, or the study of the air and its properties.

    Temperature, humidity, vapor pressure and dew point are all measured to determine the exact amount of moisture in the air so that we can create the proper atmosphere for thorough drying.

    If moisture in the air is not addressed, a building cannot be adequately dried and therefore conditions can still exist that will allow for continued rot and decay as well as mold growth. Removing standing water is important, but it’s only the first step in a complete water damage restoration process that will ultimately restore your property to its previous state.

    For Proper Water Damage Restoration Hire The Best

    It doesn’t matter if it’s your home or business that has been affected…you need to know that your property is in the best possible hands.

    That means relying on a professional company that has the training and equipment to handle any kind of water related damage.

    The longer that water is allowed to stay in place, the greater the amount of damage and the more costly the restoration process will be for you.

    The best water damage restoration company will understand that and be ready to respond quickly to prevent the situation from getting any worse than it already is.

    No one understands that need for speed better than SERVPRO, which is why we have agents ready to take your call 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

    We guarantee a response within an hour of placing your emergency call and we’ll have a technician on-site to thoroughly assess the damage and develop a comprehensive plan of action within four hours.

    That assessment will include a complete determination of the amount of damage as well as an evaluation of the moisture content of the air.

    We employ state-of-the-art equipment to help us make that assessment, including moistures sensors and meters as well as thermo-hygrometers, which measure the temperature and relative humidity.

    With the measurements from this equipment we can determine the moisture level in various surfaces such as carpets, baseboards and walls and monitor the drying process as it proceeds.

    Once we’ve determined the exact extent of the problem, we can formulate a plan and begin the restoration process as quickly as possible. We’ll walk you through every step of that plan so that you know exactly what’s going on and we’ll always consult with you about the ultimate treatment of any of your belongings so that you have the final say.

    We understand the importance of feeling whole again, but we also pride ourselves in treating every property as if it were our own because we know that’s important too.

    SERVPRO: The Professional Approach

    As members of this community ourselves, we at SERVPRO understand how devastating water damage can be and we want to do everything we can to protect and preserve your property.

    We have the training and equipment necessary to handle any job and we won’t sign off on it until we’re sure that you’re satisfied with the results

    . We’ll even do what we can to help you file an insurance claim so that you can be sure of getting the compensation you deserve.

    Our professional approach begins with answering your call immediately and continues through the drawing up of a plan and putting that plan into action.

    We’ll make sure that you understand exactly what we’re doing as we go along and are always available to answer any questions you may have.

    Because we believe in treating your property with the utmost care, we’ll also evaluate each of your belongings to determine if it is salvageable or beyond repair. 

    The restoration process itself will be completed using the latest techniques and equipment, including extractors, air movers, dehumidifiers and deodorizers, all of which are designed to thoroughly remove all moisture and completely dry every surface.

    Our technicians undergo extensive training and receive IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration) Certification that ensures they are prepared to handle any water damage situation.

    We also understand the importance of preventing mold infestation, as mold can spread quickly.

    For this reason, we’ll inspect every part of your home thoroughly to determine the presence of mold.

    We pay particular attention to the heating and ventilation system, as mold that takes hold here can spread throughout an entire building. If we detect the presence of mold we’ll use specialized equipment to kill it off and completely disinfect any surface it has come in contact with.

    Because our goal is to restore as much as possible, we’ll perform any necessary repairs including painting, replacing drywall, removing and replacing damaged flooring and replacing carpeting.

    Whatever it takes to get you back to normal, we’re prepared to handle it. 

    Once the work is done we’ll perform a complete walkthrough of the property with you to ensure your satisfaction.

    Caring For Our Community

    At SERVPRO we understand the importance of community, which is a big part of what makes us the best water damage restoration company in Aspen.

    We know how we’d want our own property treated and that’s what we do for our customers too. Acting quickly and doing a thorough job can make all the difference when it comes to handling water damage and that’s our primary goal.

    The technicians of SERVPRO are prepared to respond faster to any disaster and we have the training and expertise to handle any water damage restoration job, no matter how large or small.

    When water damage occurs on your property, don’t settle for anything but the best. Call SERVPRO and rely on our professionals to provide the care you need when you need it most. 

    Authored by Chafika and James Landers


    • AMRT   -Applied Microbial Remediation Technician
    • ASD     -Applied Structural Drying Technician
    • CCT     -Carpet Cleaning Technician
    • ECTP   -Employee Certification Training Program
    • FSRT   -Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Technician
    • HST    -Health and safety Technician
    • OCT    -Odor Control Technician
    • RRRP  -Lead-Based Paint Activities and Renovation
    • WRT   -Water Damage Restoration Technician
    • IICRC -Certified Firm


    • ASBO
    • EPA Lead-Safe Certified Firm
    • Institute of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration Certification


    • Emergency Ready Plan Preparedness

    Commercial Restoration Brings Special Challenges in the Aspen CO Area

    3/8/2021 (Permalink)

    Commercial cleaning service Graphic with SERVPRO phone number Quotes are always free.

    While the business and commercial buildings can face the same kind of threats from water, fire, and mold that private residences do, commercial restoration holds several unique challenges that can make it more difficult.

    To perform a complete restoration of commercial properties, it’s important to recognize these differences:

    1. Commercial buildings are large – generally speaking, commercial properties tend to be much bigger than homes, making performing restoration services more difficult. 

      While home restoration can be accomplished using smaller pumps and vacuums, commercial properties may require larger, industrial-grade equipment.  

      It can also require much more equipment and cleaning supplies and may require a greater amount of personnel to tackle the job properly.

    2. Commercial restoration may require more expertise- because commercial properties are larger and more complex, and performing a full restoration may require more extensive expertise, training, and experience. 

      Your business is your financial lifeline, and you can’t afford to leave it in the hands of a restoration company that isn’t adequately prepared to handle the job.

    3. Commercial projects can have time constraints – when it comes to business, time can literally be money. You can’t afford to have your business shut down any longer than is necessary. 

      The best commercial restoration contractor will understand the need to move as quickly as possible so that your business can get back up and running.

    Put Your Business In The Best Hands

    Because your business is valuable, you can’t afford to trust it to just any restoration company. You need to know that you’ve got a contractor you can trust, and that’s where the professionals of SERVPRO come in.

    We’ve got specific training to help us handle fire, water, and mold damage in any commercial property, from small or large office buildings to restaurants, shops, and hotels to residential high-rises and even government and military properties. 

    We’re ready to respond with precision and effectiveness to any job, no matter how large or small, and provide complete restoration services with the quality your business deserves.

    Just as we do with our residential services, SERVPRO employs a thorough, step-by-step process for all commercial restoration that is geared toward making your property look “Like it never even happened.”

    That starts with having someone ready to answer your call immediately, 24 hours a day. Once we’ve gotten all of the necessary details, we’ll send a technician to your location within four hours to begin a thorough walkthrough so that we can assess the extent of damage and put together an effective plan for addressing it.

    We’ll cover every area on your property to ensure that all damage is identified and determine exactly what type of surfaces we’re dealing with to know how best to proceed.

    If there are any items that we feel cannot be salvaged, we’ll indicate those immediately so that you can make the final determination and use the information to help file an insurance claim.

    In order to mitigate your damages, we’re prepared to board up windows and cover damaged roofs with tarps.

    Once these initial precautions have been taken, we’ll begin removing standing water and any other hazardous debris. 

    Once everything is cleared, we’ll use our state-of-the-art equipment and professional training to thoroughly dry all surfaces, clean, and deodorize.

    We’ll perform full mold remediation to ensure that you don’t experience a mold infestation that can be hazardous to you, your employees, and your customers.

    Of course, we understand the need to get your business functioning again as quickly as possible to help cut your losses, which is why we keep speed in mind through every step of the restoration process.

    We know that you can’t afford to be shut down any longer than necessary, so our goal is to get you back in business as soon as we can

    We know that making you whole again is also critical, which is why we offer a full range of services for all commercial properties, including replacing drywall, removing and replacing carpeting and carpet pads, and replacing damaged flooring. 

    For any services beyond our scope, including roof repair, restoring furniture, electronics, and other items, drying out and preserving important business-related documents, and removing trees, we can make recommendations of other qualified services.

    Commercial Restoration You Can Count On

    SERVPRO is proud to be a part of the thriving Aspen business community, and that’s why we go the extra mile to ensure that your commercial property gets the care that you expect.

    We would want no less for our own property, which is why we keep up our training and employ the best possible techniques geared specifically toward commercial restoration.

    Our technicians are all Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC) certified, which means we’re up to date on all of the standards for the best practices in water restoration, fire restoration, mold remediation, carpet, and upholstery cleaning, and other cleaning and restoration techniques.

    We even offer specialized cleaning services that are particularly important in this day and age when everyone is ultra-sensitive to the spread of pathogens and other contaminants.

    We can specifically address sewage and biohazards' removal, treat fabrics and upholstery, including drapes and carpets, and remove any signs of vandalism on your property. 

    We know how hazardous mold can be, so we are prepared to pay special attention to your HVAC system and air ducts to ensure that mold is not spread throughout your building.

    The “Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned” shield, which is affixed to your building after we complete our new defensive cleaning program, will allow customers, visitors, and employees alike to enter your building with confidence knowing that it has met our exacting standards for cleanliness, designed to target viral pathogens and provide the safest possible environment.

    The SERVPRO Difference For Commercial Restoration

    Whenever an emergency strikes your commercial property, you need to know that you’ve got a restoration solution you can count on.

    SERVPRO is the expert when it comes to handling water, fire, and storm damage restoration as well as mold remediation.

    We’re ready to respond faster to any disaster, and we won’t sign off on a job until we know you’re satisfied with the results.

    There are so many challenges involved in commercial restoration, and the professionals of SERVPRO are ready to help you meet them.

    We want what’s best for our neighbors in the Aspen business community, and that’s why we use the latest training and equipment to handle any job, large or small.

    Having the best commercial restoration contractor on your side can make all the difference for your business, so when disaster strikes, don’t hesitate to call SERVPRO. We’ll get you back in business in no time. 

    SERVPRO of Garfield & Pitkin Counties
    P: (970) 618-1516
    2425 S Grand Avenue Suite 2
    Glenwood Springs, CO 81601

    Authored by Chafika and James Landers 


    • AMRT   -Applied Microbial Remediation Technician
    • ASD     -Applied Structural Drying Technician
    • CCT     -Carpet Cleaning Technician
    • ECTP   -Employee Certification Training Program
    • FSRT   -Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Technician
    • HST    -Health and safety Technician
    • OCT    -Odor Control Technician
    • RRRP  -Lead-Based Paint Activities and Renovation
    • WRT   -Water Damage Restoration Technician
    • IICRC -Certified Firm


    • ASBO
    • EPA Lead-Safe Certified Firm
    • Institute of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration Certification


    • Emergency Ready Plan Preparedness